20 Jun

Pain ScaleI have many friends and family members who have recently experienced great loss or who are currently in the throes of physical, mental, financial, emotional difficulty. It breaks my heart for them. If I could, I would fix it for them. However, I can perhaps offer some hope based on a few verses I looked at this week.

Friends – The Lord hears your groaning!

I was reading this week in Exodus 6 along with some questions and commentary (from Lauren Chandler’s study Steadfast Love) on verses 2-8. In these verses, God reveals His name as that of “I Am,” or Yahweh (the Lord), to Moses and the sons of Israel. A great name, and one He revealed to His people when they were groaning from their great bondage! Verse 5 says that He heard their groaning. He gave them His full attention. He heard with a readiness to act on their behalf. That’s a really comforting thought. The Lord hears our groaning.

Friends – The Lord will act on your behalf!

In verses 6-8 there are at least eleven times, depending on your translation, where “I” is used. He’s the one acting. He’s the one to sit back and watch what He will do. Eleven or twelve times He states exactly what that will be. He promises that He will personally bring them out from under the burden, He will deliver them, redeem them, be in relationship with them, give them a home, be faithful to His promises from the past. Even more comforting words. The Lord will act on our behalf.

Friends – Don’t miss out because of the pain!

Sadly, in verse 9 it says that the people didn’t listen to this great encouraging message the Lord sent through Moses. The reason was their focus was fixed on their difficulties. Believe me. I do understand the tendency to continue groaning, to stay focused on the pain, BECAUSE IT HURTS! I get it. But if you and I would but shift our eyes from the circumstance, we can watch Him work in His way and in His time on our behalf. If you and I would but listen for His still, small voice, we might just hear His call to be in relationship with Him. We would get to know the great I AM – a thrilling, comforting privilege!

That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death in order that I may attain to the resurrection from the dead. (Philippians 3:10-11 NAS)


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