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Chariots and Air Conditioners

12 Jun

This morning my husband and I awakened to a non-working air conditioner. Not a particularly fun thing for the start of the morning. Not only visions of how hot the house would get in the Oklahoma heat, but also how much money would go flying out the door for the repair began to dance in our heads. We quickly found some paperwork that might be needed with our home warranty company and called them to set up the appointment and made sure the repairman would have an open path to our unit.

My husband and I, along with my sister and her husband, are facing a financial situation in the care of our mother. Additional repairs, big or little, are not necessarily thrilling to have hit us at this time. But God reminded us both that He had provided for this need, and that He knew what was going on. If God allowed this situation to take all our reserves, then He would provide when this other outlay comes due. (To be honest, I was not ready to jump up and down to think God might work that way. I wanted the security of seeing the money in hand. I wanted my chariots all in a row, and my horses safely in their stalls. The Lord wanted me to trust Him no matter what.) In His mercy, He gave me peace about our current “opportunity” in spite of potentially seeing extra money take wing!

As I got ready for work, the Lord brought this scripture to mind:

“Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.” (Psalm 20:7 ESV)

The thought occurred to me that whatever financial situation (and really, any circumstance) that is touching my life right now is one that God wants to move and work in such a way that there is no doubt He is the One who did it. Nothing I do, say, think, or feel will matter. It will only be about Him. What a privilege to trust Him!

The Lord so encouraged me with these thoughts and brought to my remembrance a chorus based on this verse that I had learned years ago, as well as another chorus from Psalm 42:11. He set my heart to singing! His peace and joy have been present all day long.

My husband met with the repairman a little while ago. This time our repair was only the cost of the service call. A part needed replacement and would be covered by our warranty policy. We are grateful beyond words! To God be the glory!

“Why am I so sad? Why am I so troubled? I will put my hope in God, and once again I will praise Him, my Savior and my God.” (Psalm 42:11 GNT)

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