7 Feb

Ezekiel was exiled in Babylon. He was a priest, a minister, yet because of the sin of King Jehoaichin and the rebellion of the Israelites, he was sent away with them to Babylon – exiled until further notice.


The purpose of an exile is to bring shame on the person or persons for their actions, to separate them from the life they’ve known, to make them captives. Not a pleasant experience to be in by any stretch of the imagination.


When you feel shame, you usually don’t want to be around people. You want to hide. When you’ve been separated from the only life you’ve known, you tend to want to go back to your old life, discontent with your current lot. When you’re captive, you can’t do anything but stay where you are…trapped, seemingly forgotten, apparently useless to those you once served, enslaved to your new ruler.


But Ezekiel did not let himself be a victim of his circumstances. He was still a priest, though his location changed. And while he was being a priest in exile, four incredible things happened to him.


  1. He saw God (Ezekiel 1:1);
  2. God spoke expressly to him (vs.3);
  3. God’s power, strength, and assistance were available to Ezekiel, even in exile (vs.3)
  4. God sent Him as a prophet to the Israelites (2:3)


This encourages me. Too often I will see my circumstances of what I consider “exile” as a sentence to be put on the shelf, forgotten, never to hear His voice or experience His power again, never to be used by the Lord again. But circumstances do not have to keep me from fellowship with Him or ministering to people. He can still reach me where I am. He can still speak to me. He can still empower me to live for Him where I am. And He can send me out or keep me there with a new focus for what He wants me to do.


In exile? Don’t be a victim. Continue to spend time with the Lord and serving others where you are. You might be surprised at what you learn of Him and where He directs you.


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