Confessions of a Clean Housekeeper Wannabe

9 Jan

I am a clean housekeeper wanna be! Sometimes I hear things about how to clean house, but I don’t understand them. I fail to put what I’ve heard with the practical application of doing it, which does me no good. Other times I’m so excited about the latest cleaning product or method of cleaning, that I go out and purchase the item. But when I run into a problem with it or it doesn’t give me the ease I thought I was going to have, I give up. Occasionally, I’ll start cleaning, but the lure of activities, people and other pleasures draws me away, and the task stays undone. But every once in a blue moon, I can get my house really clean, and the benefit to me, to my family, and to those who come into my home is great.

Perhaps you can relate. Having a clean house and a hearing heart can be very similar. Sometimes we hear, but we don’t connect the dots with what we’ve heard to applying it. Satan is able to pluck that right out of our hearts – especially in the heart of the one who does not know Christ as Lord and Savior.

We can respond enthusiastically to the truths we hear in a sermon, determined to go home and apply, but the moment we hit the door of the reality of our lives, we can give up. The Amplified Bible says that we are “caused to stumble, repelled and begin to distrust and desert Him Whom we ought to trust and obey.”

Then, of course, there is the constant pull of pleasure, delight, glamour, and the distraction of worry that can suffocate and strangle the Word in our hearts. Nothing comes from our experience with the Word, because we give into that distraction.

But if we will allow God’s Spirit to help us do the daily work of connecting between hearing and applying, and keep at it, the harvest in our personal lives, for our family, neighbors, church, community, our world, will be as The Message says “beyond our wildest dreams!”

Based on Matthew 13:18-23


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